Welcome to the She Stands Up lesson plans! The lessons incorporate activities to analyze news media, social media, images, and songs to provide insight into women’s social responses to violence against women and girls in Mexico and Argentina. The lesson plans are designed to fit in a variety of 11th and 12th grade classrooms such as History, Social Studies, Latin American Studies, Gender Studies, Sociology, Advanced Spanish, and Media Studies. While intended to be administered sequentially over the course of a week, we understand that classrooms move at different paces and the instructions should be considered suggestions.

The social studies unit of lesson plans includes instructions and student materials for English speaking educators and students. The advanced Spanish unit includes instructions in English for the educator and student materials in Spanish for Spanish-learning or Spanish-speaking students. All lesson plans include materials that can be used in any classroom!

Instructions are now available to help adapt the She Stands Up lessons to virtual or blended learning environments

Social Studies Lesson Plans

Introduction to social movements

recent movements in argentina and mexico

women’s movements today

Advanced Spanish Lesson Plans

introduction to social movements

recent movements in argentina and mexico

women’s movements today 

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Last Updated: September 2020

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